Malta’s success opens a gateway of opportunity through Citizenship & Residency by Investment.

Malta’s success opens a gateway of opportunity through Citizenship & Residency by Investment.

Today the possibility of becoming a truly ‘global’ citizen is indeed a reality. The rise of global citizenship has been partly driven by the attractiveness of a second passport. Across the globe many countries are opening their doors to today’s industrial tycoons, digital nomads, high net worth individuals and professionals who wish to attain more freedom, mobility and security. Indeed, the increase in the market which proffers residence and citizenship programmes is projected to expand further as more European countries offer this opportunity.

With various parts of the world experiencing rising populism and trends towards nationalism, many people are feeling the need to find security elsewhere. In addition, the economic and political uncertainty experienced by many is widespread and drives many individuals to feel disillusioned with their current situation. The desire to relocate or increase opportunities also encompasses those who are currently content but are considering future contingency plans in a changing world.

Unfortunately, many passports do restrict opportunities and ease of movement. People want this ease of movement, freedom from work permits and, for those with families, unrestricted educational opportunities. This desire for mobility, to access as many countries as possible across the world in an unrestricted manner, is driving many of these individuals to consider a second passport through citizenship by investment. Indeed, visa-free access, which will open many doors, can be attained by gaining citizenship in countries offering such opportunities.

We must also discard our misconception that global citizens originate solely from countries with emerging markets. People from all over the world are seeking these possibilities. Second homes and citizenship within the EU are perhaps particularly interesting for those from the middle east regions. Investors can operate unimpeded without the constraints of work permits. Whilst families may also consider that gaining EU citizenship will grant access to unrestricted high quality education.

Malta is a country rich in culture, history and family values. It offers a very comfortable lifestyle, welcoming both individuals and families to the island, whilst burgeoning opportunities in a secure and prosperous economy entice the investor to stay. Indeed, Malta’s citizenship by investment programme opens the doors for investors who wish to explore and develop excellent business and investment prospects.

The programmes’ triumphs are attributed to their design, a factor which has received specific praise from Parliamentary Secretary Julia Farrugia Portelli. It is an amalgamation of timeliness, proactiveness and determination that produced such excellent citizenship programmes. This has resulted in Malta being recognised by the investment industry as the leading name in the investment and migration sector.

A thriving economy affords the government the luxury of being able to select the very best of applicants which maintains the reputation and merit of the citizenship programme. The programme was first introduced in 2014. The economy was growing and had no need of the potential income generated by the programme. It was hoped instead it would form a sovereign wealth fund and bring talented individuals and investors to the island. With Malta currently enjoying long term economic growth rates of 6% plus, it is pertinent to mention that the IIP revenue is not necessary as an integral aspect of the economy but generates an additional income.  

In order to navigate the journey, investors rely on professional and experienced agents to help reach their goals. 

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