Registering an aircraft in Malta

Registering an aircraft in Malta

Why Malta?

For many centuries prior to its attainment of independence from Great Britain, Malta served the strategic and political interest of several successive military powers. Upon gaining control over its own destiny in 1964, this small island-state in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, devoid of any natural resources, immediately set about weaving a new social and economic fabric by empowering its people to develop an industrial infrastructure based on tourism and manufacturing. 

The success of these early initiatives unleased in the Maltese business and professional classes a creativity which can only be the product of years of British-style education and discipline infused with a typical Mediterranean sense of knowing how to look a good opportunity in the eye and seize it. 

Malta’s Established reputation as a sold jurisdiction for maritime services, has extended also to the aviation sector where the Maltese Government has, over the course of the past year, undertaken and implemented several initiatives aimed at strengthening the aviation sector. Such initiatives included, among other things, the introduction of the Aircraft Registration Act, which came into force on 1st October 2010 and the implementation of new procedures in various Government departments with the aim of facilitating the registration of aircraft under the 9H-Registry. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Access to intra-community traffic rights
  • A secure EU jurisdiction and legal framework
  • Availability of Maltese aircraft related services
  • Fractional ownership
  • Ownership through trust
  • Broad options of registration
  • Favourable taxation regime for aircrafts
  • Beneficial depreciation period for wear and tear
  • Tax scheme for aviation related personnel
  • The procedure for the registration of aircrafts in Malta is well defined and straightforward
  • Registration are regulated by Transport Malta who provide a 24/7 service to aircraft owners and financiers, in respect of urgent matters
  • Low aircraft and company registration costs
  • Local authorities transact in the English Language
  • Malta is well regulated and stable EU Member State

Who is eligible?

Persons eligible to register an aircraft:
  • An owner operating an aircraft;
  • An owner of an aircraft under construction or temporarily not being operated or managed;
  • An operator of an aircraft under a temporary title;
  • A buyer of an aircraft under a conditional sale or title reservation agreement authorized to operate the aircraft; or
  • A trustee for the benefit of beneficiaries.

What are the payable fees?

The fees payable upon application for aircraft registration are competitively low ranging from €60 to €750 depending on the take-off mass or other parameters of the aircraft. As for Air Operator Certificate, the fees payable for the first issue range from €698.81 to €46,587.47 and as for Air Operator Licence – €1,397.62 to €8,152.81.

At Döhle Malta we have a dedicated accounting team to manage all VAT, local tax reporting, invoicing and bookkeeping as part of the ongoing administration.We can assist with setting up the necessary structure to allow the aircraft to be fully imported into the EU to allow full and free circulation. Working directly with the necessary advisers, we can ensure that the establishment of the structure, VAT registration and importation is completed as a seamless process. 

Döhle Malta can provide the following services:
  • Registration of the aircraft
  • Creation and management of tax efficient ownership structures
  • Administration of the company structure
  • Provision of corporate officers including director(s), registered agent, registered office and members
  • Provision on nominee shareholders
  • Assistance with obtaining any legal services in respect of the purchase of the aircraft
  • Maintenance of Real Time financial/management accounts and accounting records
  • Preparation of audits and liaison with external auditors if required
  • Cash flow analysis and preparation of budgets
  • Liaison with external professional advisers and tax authorities as required
  • VAT registration and preparation of VAT returns
  • Aircraft leasing structures from Malta
  • Preparation and submission of income tax returns
  • Payroll services
Döhle Malta is a fully licensed Corporate Service Provider (CSP383). Our highly qualified team is on hand to carry out comprehensive administration services to all our clients. Döhle Malta provides a service dedicated to professionals who value the human touch and personal contact. Our expertise aims to make the process as effortless as possible.